Bear Watching Tours in Canada

Bella Coola’s Famous Grizzly Bears.

In the autumn, when the salmon arrive to spawn, Bella Coola is host to one of the highest concentrations of grizzly bears. Among these old growth forests, pristine rivers, stunning peaks, soaring eagles, and vast glaciers, there is one animal at the top of the food chain: it is the mighty grizzly bear.

Trip Highlights

  • See grizzlies feasting on salmon

  • Float the pristine Atnarko River in our McKenzie drift boats

  • See the stunning scenery of the Bella Coola Valley from the air

  • Walk ancient forests in the company of a local guide

  • Explore Nuxalk First Nations culture and visit the petroglyph gardens

  • Stay in private chalets at the Historic Tweedsmuir Park Lodge

Our grizzly bear viewing trips, recognized by the Canadian Tourism Commission as a ‘Signature Experience‘ that showcases authentic, immersive and engaging tourism experiences for travelers, are in the autumn, from start of September to the middle of October. This is when the local rivers are host to teeming numbers of returning salmon which in turn draws lots of grizzlies hoping to fatten up for the coming winter. At this time of the year the grizzly bears are intent on fishing and are more tolerant of both other bears and people and are therefore much easier to observe.

Accompanied by an experienced and knowledgeable guide, our drift trips are the perfect way to see the bears and wildlife of the Bella Coola valley. The McKenzie River boats are non-motorized and therefore do not disturb the bears in their natural habitat. The leisurely pace and silence offer a relaxed and peaceful way to travel the valley, as well as a completely unique opportunity for viewing wildlife up close and personal. On some occasions, our guests see up to 15 different grizzly bears in a single float.

In addition to the river floats you will also be able to walk old growth forests, literally in the footsteps of the bears. Our guide will show you day beds, claw marks on trees, tufts of bear fur, and of course lots of bear scat.

Guests from all over the world have stated that this is one of the ultimate wildlife viewing opportunities on the planet, and they have the pictures to prove it.

Grizzly Bear Watching with Bears of Bute

The Grizzly or Brown bear is the most widely distributed species of bear in the world. At one time the Ursus arctos ranged across Europe and Asia through parts of China and Japan to Siberia and across to Alaska and down through British Columbia and as far south as California. With the advance of Western civilization, the grizzly populations have dwindled and disappeared completely from many areas with the exception of the West Coast mainland of British Columbia. The Bute Inlet region is the southern border of what is now referred to as the Great Bear Rainforest. The geography and wildlife are mostly intact so the great Brown bear has flourished in the valleys and along the coastline of this region.


Ecotours – BC is situated in the heart of this unique and one of the most diverse areas on earth. The Quesnel Lake watershed, on the western slopes of the Cariboo Mountains, is a unique microclimatic zone. Experience it first-hand with our knowledgeable guides. We are often joined by local experts, people recognized nationally in their fields of expertise, whether it be entomology, botany, biology, lichenology or bryology. Whether you come for the sheer joy of observing life in this unique ecosystem, are a novice, amateur naturalist or a research expert, you will find much to challenge your interests.

Great Bear Nature Tours. The Experience of a Lifetime.

From early May through October, Great Bear Nature Tours offers grizzly bear viewing excursions from Port Hardy to a beautiful river valley on the central coast of British Columbia. Known as the Great Bear Rainforest, this area is one of the best places in the world to observe grizzly (brown) bears and many other forms of wildlife including black bears, wolves and bald eagles. Our ecotourism lodge is the ideal base for photography and wildlife viewing tours, nestled at the mouth of a pristine salmon river. Wilderness-gourmet meals await you upon your return from the two guided viewing sessions per day. With a maximum of ten guests, you are assured of a personalized wilderness adventure in this very special area. The Great Bear Rainforest is home to a significant concentration of coastal grizzly bears. During the late summer and early fall bears are drawn to the many salmon spawning streams feeding into the coastal inlets. While the local bear population reaches its peak in the fall, during the spring and summer numerous bears feed on sedges, succulents and grasses that make up the dense bio-mass of the river estuary.

Sivertip Eco Tours Ltd was formed in 1990 and is based out of Terrace, British Columbia, Canada in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest. Fred Seiler, an outdoor enthusiast since youth, wears numerous hats; conservationist, wildlife photographer and eco-tour guide. Silvertip EcoTours has been escorting clients to view bears since 1990. In his free time Fred is a member of the local search and rescue team. Fred has worked with the provincial government to establish bear viewing guidelines and was the first person in BC licensed to do bear tours. “I started filming with my father when I was ten or so in the mountains around home looking for new born mountain goats (kids). I was fascinated by the vast ecosystems and, at the same time, always wanted to get closer. From there I purchased my first 35 mm and the explorations began. I come from a large family and we were often out in the woods and mountains. It was on these trips that I started to learn about the land and its wildlife.”

Watch Grizzly Bears playing and fishing on the British Columbia coast (BC) Canada. See pods of playing Orca and their family interaction? You’ve Come To The Right Place! Your Rain coast Wildlife Safari Adventure Begins here… Grizzlies, Orcas, Eagles, Black Bears! The grizzlies of Knight Inlet have been featured extensively in TV programs and magazine articles. The trip consists of round trip float plane from Campbell River on Vancouver Island, all meals (except third night dinner in Campbell River), including Dungeness Crab, plus two full and one partial days with the Grizzly Bears and Orcas in the Knight Inlet Wilderness, three nights accommodation [two at our lodge and one at a lodge of your choice in Campbell River]. You may also include many hours of fishing for all species of salmon and for the delicious bottom fish (Halibut, Ling Cod, Rock Cod).

Our Grizzly Bear Viewing Adventures originate out of Bella Coola, British Columbia, Canada. Lying amidst towering snow capped Coastal Mountains, this small West Coast Village is rich in history & native culture. This beautiful area, with it’s lush green valley bottoms, is home to some of the largest Grizzlies and Mountain Goats in the world. The evident abundance of both marine and land based wildlife offer world class grizzly bear viewing opportunities, second to none. This region has always been recognized for it’s magnificent scenery and friendly people ever since the first white explorers arrived. Sir Alexander Mackenzie and Captain George Vancouver both explored this vast region in 1793 and were quite taken with the areas natural beauty describing the area as extremely grand in their journals.

Day-long boat trips through the Broughton Archipelago and Knight Inlet, an 80-mile long fjord that is part of the magnificent Great Bear Rainforest. Both black and grizzly bears are found here in abundance. Bears are an essential element in the North American coastal ecosystem. Learn about the vital role they play in the health of the environment and see them going about their daily business. We highly recommend a day watching bears aboard a comfortable boat to round out your time with us. The meeting point for this day trip is in Telegraph Cove on the dock at the end of the Boardwalk. Telegraph Cove is about 30 minutes south of Port McNeill. If you are staying in Port McNeill and do not have a car we are happy to make taxi arrangements for you. For trips where all viewing is from the boat, the meeting times are 7:30am for June & July trips and 7:00am for August & September trips. All Viewing Platform trips depart at 7:00am. Return to the dock is 4 to 4:30pm. A light breakfast and lunch are included in the trip price. This trip is outfitted by a partner company. In the case of stormy weather that could be hazardous to boat travel, grizzly watching trips may be cancelled by the skipper. In this case, you may choose to reschedule or be refunded the full amount of the trip.

Tide Rip Grizzly Tours

Explore the wild and majestic scenery of the Broughton Archipelago with it’s thousand islands set against glacier capped mountains. Hold on for a breathtaking ride through exciting Blackfish Sound. Eagles soar overhead and dive to snatch fish beside the boat. Black bears forage for seaweed on the beach at low tide. On the extreme low tides of the new and full moons these bears have a smorgasbord of chitins, mussels, and beach crabs.   We paddle in quietly to experience these unique black bears in their natural world. Awe- inspiring for people who love wild animals. Departs Telegraph Cove, BC. We use an open boat for this tour, and we supply full length exposure suits for your comfort and safety.
Tap the calendar button below for a schedule of tours to see these unique black bears.


 Muir’s Tours Canada – Grizzlies


We go looking for grizzlies at times when they normally go looking for food. Many people think that the grizzly bear feeds on salmon only. Actually the bears come out of hibernation in March and start looking for something to eat that is easy to harvest. Low tide along the shores expose grasses and other fresh shoots that are the first foods of the year for the grizzly bears. At low tide the table is set for bears, as the tidal flats offer tit bits that may have washed in with a tide, and other food that is hiding under the rocks – there are crabs, eels, and other saltwater creatures. The bears roll rocks, sometimes quite large ones, to expose items to eat. Low tide also offers us many great opportunities to get close to many bears. Often our boat gets within 25 meters of a feeding bear. Onboard our boat there can be no safer way to see the bears in their natural habitat. During August and September on on the mainland of BC and on Vancouver Island we enjoy watching bears feed at low tide, on one of the many salmon streams that the grizzly bears regularly visit. Some river systems have bear watching platforms right along the salmon spawning areas and in other locations we watch from our boat. Being so close to the bear territories allows us to offer lower prices for you to see the bears, and the expertise of our First Nation guide allows us to guarantee you see them as well. Our First Nations guide was once a hunter, like his forebears, but for some years now he uses all his hunting skills and knowledge to help others see the true beauty of the bears, whales and other wildlife. His skills and abilities ensure that the time you spend with bears will be the safest of any operation in BC. Years of interacting with wildlife give him an edge over the seasonal tour operators. View the bears and whales from our boat or from one of our kayaks with our boat acting as mother ship to support our qualified sea kayaking guides, who are out there with you.

Sun Chaser Charters has been doing wilderness expedition tours on the coast of B.C. for over 25 years. Your skipper and guide Dan Wakeman was involved in the saving of the Khutzeymateen almost from the beginning and over 20 years ago. The Sun Chaser is a warm and comfortable 40 foot sailboat used as a home base for our expeditions.  Enjoy whale watching while we sail to the Khutzeymateen park where the grizzly bears wait for your viewing and photography ambitions. Your Canadian wilderness adventure is here at Sunchaser. Located in Prince Rupert, British Columbia – Canada is the starting point to your grizzly bear adventure, whale watching and eco tour holiday.” Your host and guide is Dan Wakeman. Come aboard his 40 foot sailboat  and enjoy the great outdoors in Northern B.C.

Join one of our rare and exciting Grizzly bear kayak tours to the ancient Papknach village site in the traditional territory of the Xwemalhkwu (Homalco) First Nation . Each autumn grizzly bears congregate in this British Columbia river estuary to feed on spawning salmon; the Xwemahlkwu have shared home with the bears for millennia. This is this an amazing Grizzly bear watching and sea kayaking in British Columbia adventure, an unforgettable wildlife tour in Canada:  an opportunity to view grizzly bears in their natural setting and to meet indigenous native people working to maintain culture and identity while making a place in the modern world. We admire the challenging and exciting vision being pursued by this coastal First Nation! Our kayak tours begin at Quadra Island (near Campbell River on Vancouver Island, British Columbia) with kayaking practice, trip preparations, safety protocols and first night at Discovery Islands Lodge, our comfortable wilderness lodge accommodation. Beginning our sea kayaking journey, we’ll paddle through the Quadra Island outer Archipelago towards the dramatic skyline of Bute Inlet, magnificent Coast Mountain watershed of British Columbia’s highest mountains. After 3 days kayaking in the fjord, paddling and camping in the wild, we’ll arrive at the PapKnach River camp where we will be the guests of the Xwemalhkwu people. We’ll have comfortable but simple bunkhouse accommodation and opportunities to watch grizzly bears from platform-blinds. If conditions permit, we’ll paddle into the estuary and watch the bears from our kayaks.

Shearwater Resort & Marina is situated in the Great Bear Rainforest, so with the thousands of hectares surrounding us, it only makes it an ideal setting to view bears in the wild….and even the chance of seeing the rare Spirit or Kermode Bear. From simple sightings while driving along in the calm protected channels that surround Shearwater to secluded bays in the vast inlets, you will be offered unforgettable sights and sounds of the majestic Great Bear Rainforest and surrounding areas of Shearwater Resort & Marina.

Grizzly Bear catches fish Mountain Tours & Wilderness Experiences Grizzly Bear Ranch borders a trout filled river
Lardeau Valley, Selkirk Mountains, British Columbia, Canada

Your typical bear-viewing experience at the ranch will include a number of early-morning and pre-dinner forays along our valley equipped with cameras and binoculars in our new 4×4. We will also take you on middle-of-the-day tours to show you grizzly footprints, bear paths and day beds and a local spawning channel where grizzlies gather to eat the millions of fish that congregate there. Part of every program is a nature-viewing trip by raft down the Lardeau River – one of the most remote and beautiful waterways in all of British Columbia. This is a gentle activity suitable for guests of all ages. AT THE ranch we have a host of books and other information on grizzly bears that are at our guests’ disposal. The grizzlies of the Lardeau typically emerge from hibernation in April and May. In the summer they head out into the high country, often traveling dozens of miles a day. At this time they are difficult to spot. When the salmon first come up the river from Kootenay Lake to spawn in early September the bears come to feed. This is the time when they put on the most weight and often spend up to 20 hours a day eating, pausing only for a few hours rest and sleep. In November when the snow begins to arrive the grizzlies return to mid-elevation to hibernate, usually seeking out north-facing slopes. The females have their cubs in the den in the mid-winter.

Scared of bears? Then this is the perfect therapy for you! Just the opposite of the zoo, the bears are on the loose and you are in the cage – you will be watching the bears from a comfortable and safe tower. Come and observe these magnificent animals feed and interact in their natural environment. Each day, a different scenario; in the springtime, you might see charming bear cubs playing with mother bear.

 sea kayak whale

Come with us and see whales, wildlife, Telegraph Cove and Village Island all in one day.  World famous native guide and historian, Tom Sewid will have you spell bound as he shows you around his people’s ancestral home and tells you about the Kwakwaka’wakw people while taking you to see his ancestors the orca and black bear. Enjoy your stay in a native style cabin at our remote wilderness resort while making daily trips to known grizzly bear locations. Traveling along the coast with Tom, you will have chances to see endless wildlife and native cultural sights as well as grizzly bears from the comfort of our high speed vessel the Gla’ Lis.  You and your guide will paddle  silently into shallow bays where the great bears are feeding, mating and caring for their cubs.  This will be the ultimate, close-up bear watching experience.  You need not be highly athletic or outdoorsy, since the tour boat will always be only a few meters away. You will also enjoy a  traditional native sea food feast along with legends and stories.

Jamie’s operates out of Tofino and Ucluelet on the West coast of Vancouver Island, about 160 miles north of Victoria BC.  We are just a three hour drive from Nanaimo. Jamie’s Whaling Station is the pioneer Whale Watching, Bear Watching and Hot Springs Adventure Company operating since 1982 in Tofino BC and in Ucluelet BC since 2000. We are the most experienced Whale Watchers on the West Coast. In addition to our Whale Watch and Hot Springs Adventure tours, we offer Bear Watching, Sea Kayaking in Clayoquot Sound and Barkley Sound, as well as Surf lessons, Scenic Float Plane tours and much more. We are open March 1st  through October.

 Minette Bay Lodge - Canadian Northwest Adventures - Kitimat, British Columbia, CanadaThe best times for bear viewing are the 20th of May to the 15th of June, and the 15th August to the 25th of September.

In the early morning, after a hearty lodge breakfast, your professional guide will whisk you away over the beckoning waters of the Douglas Channel to rendezvous with “ursus horibilis”, the grizzly bear – North America’s largest carnivore. You will glide past abundant old growth forest, avalanche slides and estuaries rich with berries, grasses and salmon, all sustainance to these impressive mammals. The excitement becomes tangible as you tie up the jet boat and silently follow your guide into The Great Bear Rainforest. This ancient ecosystem is home to grizzly, black and Kermodei bears. Listen, as you walk, to your guide who can tell you about the flora and fauna. Perhaps you’ll come upon a shuffling porcupine, a threatening skunk or be followed by an inquisitive fox. The slap of a startled beaver’s tail as you cross its dam, and the insistent chatter of a stellars jay remind you that you are trying to pass quietly through the forest to where the grizzlies are feeding. Your guide indicates a wolf track by silent outstretched finger, and you recall the story about the cougar the night before by the crackling library fire. Our guide can also arrange an overnight trip to see the continent’s rarest bear, the white phase black bear called the Kermodei or Spirit Bear (Ursus Americanus Kermodei). These fascinating bears can produce black or white offspring, and native folklore has it that the sighting of one of these elusive and breathtaking bears brings good fortune. Kermodei Bears live both in an area to the north of Minette Bay Lodge and on Princess Royal Island to the south.

 Nanuk Lodge Polar Bear Adventures and Photography

Nanuk Polar Bear Lodge is located on the southern tip of Wapusk National Park, Churchill Manitoba. Cape Tatnum Wildlife Management Area is a remote stretch of Hudson Bay’s coastline. The Canadian Wildlife Service, yearly studies this densely populated staging area. It is here that this population of polar bears lives and lazes the summer months away after they get off the ice flows on to the tidal flats. Some with a belly so full it drags on the ground.

The Grizzly bear is a symbol of the Canadian wilderness and is often thought to be the keystone to a healthy ecosystem. Each fall Grizzly Bears are drawn throughout the area to the Chilko River to feast on the bountiful Salmon that fill its waters. This migration offers us a unique view into the world of the Grizzly Bear and its ecosystem. The Chilko Valley has one of the largest concentrations of Grizzly Bears during the peak season in the fall. It is not uncommon to see many large boar Grizzly Bears as well as many sow and cub combinations. It is exhilarating to see a mother Grizzly passing her fishing knowledge down to her cubs and witnessing there first catch. Watching these wonderful bears playing and fishing in their natural environment is an experience you will never forgot. We offer a variety of different opportunities for you to view and photograph the Grizzly bears as well as the many other wildlife that call Chilko home. Bear watching during the morning and evenings along the lake or river can be very exciting. We do not wish to disturb the natural feeding of the bears, but would just like to observe and watch them gorge on this seasonal salmon meal. After a great day of bear watching you will be treated at our lodge with gourmet meals prepared by our first class chef. After supper join us in the bar for a cocktail or have a relaxing soak in our hot tub.

Welcome to Stewart Mountain Lodge. We are located in beautiful downtown Stewart, BC at 418 6th Avenue, an easy walk to all shopping, restaurants, and the intertidal boardwalk. We opened in December of 2005, and feel we offer the most comfortable place to stay in the area. Stewart is located on the north coast of BC, at the end of the 90 mile Portland canal. The area surrounding Stewart and its closest neighbour Hyder, Alaska, is known for its beauty, tremendous snowfalls, many hanging glaciers, wildlife viewing, snowmobiling, boating, heliskiing, fishing, hiking, and hunting. CHECK OUT THE PHOTO UPDATE page for new pics of snowmobiling this winter. MAKE SURE TO CLICK ON OUR “SUMMER” page for updates about THE BEARS at FISH CREEK!

Grizzly Viewing Ranch or Camp Based
Grizzlies are the symbol of the wilderness. View these awesome animals in their natural habitat as they progress through the seasons. In the spring, concentration is in the low meadows during breeding season. Then, follow them into the sub-alpine, examine their territory marker trees, explore their dens and collect data for our Grizzly Study.


At Sonora Resort take advantage of a once in a life-time opportunity – view the elusive West Coast Grizzly in their natural habitat. Even in British Columbia, the place that experts consider the last stronghold of this magnificent beast, Grizzlies are rarely seen. By disposition they are very shy. Consider it — only an hour, from Sonora, by our state-of-the-art Eco Tour boat Grizzlies catch salmon and play with their cubs. And through the cooperation of the Homalco First Nations band, Sonora guests can view the bears’ home territory from one of three uniquely designed 10-foot high viewing stands.

Moored in the calm waters of Barnard Harbour, King Pacific Lodge, A Rosewood Resort lies in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest where wildlife abounds and awe and wonder await you. In early June and July, pods of resident orcas cruise Whale Channel feeding on migrating salmon. Local whale researchers are available to help you identify the pods and listen in on their conversations with strategically placed hydrophones. Eagles soar overhead as their young learn to take flight and begin to forage for themselves. The sea lions bark and roar as they jostle for the sunny spot on Sea Lion Rock, just minutes by boat from the lodge. And of course, the lodge’s local family of otters is always ready to share your salmon dockside as your catch is cleaned and readied for you to feast on that evening or freeze and take home. Late in July and throughout August and September the humpback whales return from their Hawaiian wintering. The cold Pacific waters on which King Pacific Lodge floats are some of the richest in the world and provide ample food for humpback mothers and their calves. A kayak paddle at low tide reveals the ocean’s bounty and our expert guides will not only teach you the paddling strokes but also share their knowledge of local flora and fauna. This is a wonderful season for hiking and you may catch the silhouette of the rare black wolf in the distance as you picnic on Wolf Track Beach. Dahl’s porpoises gambol and race alongside the boat as you speed your way back to the comfort and luxury of the lodge for yet another sumptuous meal and a relaxing spa treatment. September is the pinnacle of bear viewing – grizzlies, black bears and the rare white Kermode or ‘spirit bear’ as it is known by the natives, greedily feed on migrating salmon so plentiful that the rivers and streams appear black. Our guides know just where to take you for that incomparable glimpse of the temperate rainforest’s most magnificent carnivore. Often at this time of year, the humpback whales feed in Barnard Harbour and breach within yards of the docks of the lodge – hear them breathing as you lie in your own king-size bed, warm and cozy under a luxurious duvet.

The Lazy bear Lodge sits on the edge of the Hudson Bay in the small town of Churchill, Manitoba. Our elegant, handcrafted log hotel provides a warm, comfortable base for your arctic adventures. Polar bear tours, beluga whale tours, and the awe-inspiring northern lights make a trip to the Lazy Bear Lodge a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Explore the Hudson Bay coastline in our wildlife viewing Tundra Bus. Your driver/guide will lead you through our wildlife viewing area in search of Arctic Fox, the Arctic Hare, and go where few in this world will go to see the monarch of the Arctic, the Polar Bear. Our tundra bus is equipped with a propane furnace, as well as a bathroom facility, and a rear viewing deck so you can safely stand outside while photographing.

Quadra Island accommodations Knight Inlet adventures with Running Bear Lodge

Running Bear welcomes you to join us for a true Canadian adventure experience at our remote Trappers’ Cabin on the wild Kak-Wei-Ken River in Thompson Sound off Knight Inlet. We offer a range of outdoor adventures like salmon fishing, sea kayaking, hiking, grizzly bear and whale watching for an exceptional British Columbia adventure vacation.

You’ll encounter one of the world’s wonderful natural phenomena, as the annual Polar Bear “migration” occurs along the Hudson Bay coast. Churchill is referred to as “The Polar Bear Capital of the World”, but the bears are not the only attraction. You can explore the arctic tundra along the Hudson Bay coast and venture into the treeline of the vast Boreal forest of the Canadian Shield. Caribou, Arctic Fox, Wolf, Arctic Hare and Lemmings are other wildlife we encounter, as well as Snowy Owl, Gyrfalcon, and other arctic birds. Polar Bear Lodge is a unique facility that permits the finest opportunity to view not only bears, but also other wildlife. It also permits spectacular views of Northern Lights and sunrises/sunsets. We offer great food, fun, and fellowship at this special safari.

the Whale Centre

West Coast Black Bears roam the shorelines at low tides searching for crabs, shellfish, barnacles and fish to feast on. These generally nocturnal carnivores wander a great distance through dense bush and wooded mountains throughout most of B.C. The black bears spend the summer feasting and putting on a great supply of fat so they can find a sheltered place to hibernate for the winter. Our local skippers will take you out in our 24’ Boston Whaler to view these majestic animals in their natural habitat. Our 2 hour tours are based on low tides so please contact our office for daily departure times.

Get up close with this ultimate grizzly bear experience! The trip begins on Quadra Island, just a 10 minute ferry ride from Campbell River, Vancouver Island. Upon arrival you’ll soon find yourself in a fast, comfortable boat traveling at high speed to the Orford River Valley on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. This pristine river valley is home to 38 resident Grizzly bears and is the historic home of the Homalco First Nation.

For over 26 years, the Murray family has specialized in world class hospitality. Our tailor made helicopter adventures will exceed your highest expectations. Listen to your favorite music in your helicopter, enjoy your favorite flavor of house-made ice cream, and request your favorite song from the evening’s entertainment. Every aspect of your trip is tailored to your personal request. Please browse our trips pages to view our activities and begin planning your vacation. This is a taste of all of our unique helicopter adventure activities, a popular choice for guests who want to explore our 30,000 square mile adventure playground. Each morning and afternoon engage in a new activity of your choice and do it all!  Be sure to check out our Exclusively Yours trip option with this package. Activity options include: Heli-Fishing, Heli-Rafting, Heli-Alpine Glacier Trekking, Grizzly Bear viewing, Whale Watching, Coastline Exploration, Sea Kayaking, and many more.