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We are excited to tell you about our family oriented unique brown bear photography excursions in Katmai National Park as well as our tours in Kenai Fjords National Park and in Lake Clark National Park. This is our eleventh year visiting the parks on the M/V Kittiwake II in either a research capacity or treating guests like you and your family to a truly unique wilderness experience. 

Brown bear watching and wildlife tours on the wild coast of Katmai National Park in Alaska.

John Rogers, owner of M/V Waters and Katmai Coastal Bear Tours, has explored Katmai’s coast every summer since 1989. As one of the first commercial operators along the Katmai Coast, the National Park Service says the boat camp is ideal since it doesn’t scar the beaches. “They’re very sensitive to park concerns as well as the people they’re responsible for.”, Steve Hurd, chief ranger for Katmai National Park, says of the Waters. “Quite frankly, that’s the type of operation we need to encourage.” The Katmai Coast is an unlikely destination for a tourist boat. Stormy and desolate, the coastline was abandoned by its last Native inhabitants 90 years ago during the immense Katmai eruption, signs of which are still visible in gray ash on high ridges and small pumice stones floating in protected bays. When the seas are rough, there are few protected bays offering refuge.

Johnny's East River Lodge

Watch Alaska Brown Bear with us!

Want to view brown bear in their natural habitat without the crowds that you’ll find at Pack Creek on Admiralty Island?  Or the swarms of people and long permit wait to view them at the McNeil River State Game Sanctuary?
We have an excellent alternative to those wonderful places.
And why is that?
No crowds.
No wait.
Experienced guides raised in the area.
Brown bears, brown bears and more Brown Bears !!!!
JOHNNY’S EAST RIVER LODGE is the only lodge in the Yakutat area that provides exclusive brown bear viewing in and around Glacier Bay National Park Preserve.
Our family has been in the outdoor business for nearly ONE HUNDRED YEARS and we do know what were talking about when it comes to the Alaskan Brown Bear.
Our guided brown bear trips will get you that picture you may be looking for, or that adrenaline rush of seeing one of North America’s largest carnivore, the Alaska brown bear.
The Alaskan brown bear can weigh as much as 1500 lbs., out run a horse, and stand nine feet tall.

Alaska bear watching is a fun and exciting activity, suitable for people of all ages and physical abilities. Seeing these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat is a truly rewarding and memorable experience. Halibut Cove Lodge is the ideal location for embarking on the Alaska bear watching adventure of a lifetime. Halibut Cove Lodge offers access to Alaska bear watching through a wide variety of avenues. Located in fabled Kachemak State Park, Halibut Cove Lodge is in bear country. The last frontier serves as home for a variety of bears, from Polar Bears to Brown (Grizzly) Bears to Black Bears.

Imagine …… walking in the tracks of the Alaskan Coastal Brown Bear, also known as the Grizzly or the Kodiak Bear. Following his trails along the clear rushing salmon filled streams he fishes…..hiking across the tundra ever vigilant for the Bears’ presence, you are accompanied by an experienced naturalist guide who can answer your many questions about the flora and fauna as well as the Bears. Spend a special day in remote Alaska with the almighty Brown Bear. Fly by floatplane in to pristine, un-crowded areas where nothing will separate you from the bears but respect. Come away with not only great pictures but a thorough understanding of the bears and the wild country they inhabit as well. 


Memories that will last a lifetime: Rust’s Flying Service has designed two great trips departing from Anchorage where you’ll experience the wild country of Alaska through watching the amazing brown bears in their natural habitat. Join us at Redoubt Bay Lodge or take our Seaplane Bear Safari to the Brooks falls in Katmai National Park. Whichever trip you choose, you will have pictures and memories to delight you and your friends.

Donnalee and Morry Moorcroft have operated Bear Trail Lodge as the best lodge in the area for accommodations and diversified opportunities for several years. Bear Trail Lodge has been featured on National Television a few times as the lodge of choice and repeat customers continue to show why. A team of professionals is always on hand to take care of all your needs. We employ a full kitchen staff made up of a top chef, several assistants, a pastry chef, and of course your hostess, Donnalee. Licensed professional guides will fish hard for you and are always accommodating to your needs, safety and comfort. Morry is the lodge host for all your fishing and custom adventure requirements.

If you’re looking for a day of viewing bears, Silver Salmon Creek Lodge is a great choice. We’ve had a safe and successful bear viewing program here for nearly 15 years. Our guides are experienced bear guides, the bears are in their natural habitat and our unique location in Lake Clark National Park on the west side of the Cook Inlet ensures that you won’t have to fight any crowds. You will be able to move freely about while observing safe bear viewing practices in the company of one of our well-trained guides.

Hallo Bay Bear Viewing and Adventure

Hallo Bay is a private camp located on the Pacific Coast of Katmai National Park specializing only in guided bear viewing and photography trips. Because our naturalist guides live and work in this high bear concentration area 24 hours a day, every day from May to October, we are very aware of where the bears are and what they are doing at any given time.

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Alaska Adventures operates only the highest quality wilderness Bear Viewing Tours whether you want to stay a week at our deluxe wilderness lodge on the Alagnak River, enjoy a day flyout to Brookes falls or attend one of our bear Photography workshops in Katmai with Professional Wildlife Photographer John Hyde, We are the true bear viewing professionals. Our owners have guided & operated exclusively in Katmai park since 1985.With a permanent lodge and a bear viewing Outpost camp located on the World famous Alagnak River inside Katmai Park you are assured a wilderness bear viewing experience without the crowds. Alaska Adventures  bear viewing  take pride in offering only the highest quality of fully guided Bear viewing tours throughout  Katmai National park in several key locations.  With our main Bear viewing office located in King Salmon Alaska, we personally meet each guest at the airport and get them on there way. Our Professional bear viewing guides offer our guest’s a true wilderness bear viewing opportunity unmatched by our competition.  Alaska Adventures Bear Viewing guides are all very experienced in all aspects of wildlife Viewing and Bear Photography.

Alaska Homestead Lodge at Silver Salmon

Come and see the bears! View them from the comfort of the lodge, or take a guided trip to see them grazing on the tidal flats or catching fish in the nearby stream. Catch those unique photos of cubs playing tag or eagles dining on fish. Brown bears have an especially good sense of smell, and under the right conditions, may be able to detect odors more than a mile away. When a bear stands upright, it is not to charge, but to test the wind and see better. Mating takes place from May through June with the peak activity in early June. The hairless young, weighing less than a pound are born the following January or February. All brown bears should be treated with respect. This is especially true for a sow and her young, as mothers are very protective of their offspring.

Bristol Bay Lodge is Alaska’s premier world-class wilderness fishing lodge. Strategically located in the heart of America’s largest state park, Bristol Bay Lodge has the distinct advantage of being utterly surrounded by pristine wilderness. The lodge’s proximity to the watersheds within Wood-TikChik Park and Togiak National Wildlife Refuge means more fishing and less travel time, with flights averaging only 30 minutes. Abundant home water fishing is also minutes from the lodge. Just a short boat ride from the lodge’s front door is the world-famous Agulowak River, celebrated for its productive fishing for rainbows, grayling, char, dolly varden, and sockeye salmon. Moose, caribou, and brown bear can be seen throughout the summer months. Common small game and furbearers include beaver, muskrat, otter, fox, wolverine, mink, and porcupine. Brown bears (Ursus arctos) can frequently be seen in many of the areas that BBL operates. The term “brown bear” is commonly used to refer to the members of this species found in coastal areas where salmon is the primary food source and all other inland “brown bear” are referred to as “grizzlies.” Technically they are the same species.


Welcome to Lake Clark Air and The Farm Lodge located in Alaska’s Lake Clark National Park. Bear viewing in Katmai National Park, caribou viewing, flightseeing, photography workshops, and catch-and-release fishing for Rainbow Trout, Arctic Char, Arctic Grayling, Lake Trout, and Northern Pike are some of the many activities we offer to help you experience Alaska. We’ve put together a slide show of photos taken in the area that show off this unique wilderness setting. Also as you look at our website you’ll notice that you can click on most of the smaller photos for a larger view. We specialize in setting up personalized packages to get you away from the crowd and into remote Alaska the way it is meant to be experienced. Check out some of our outdoor activities listed below.

  • Photography tours and workshops include opportunities to view bears, caribou, moose, eagles, salmon, tundra swans, waterfalls, tundra, mountainous landscape, glaciers, glacial lakes, and more.

  • Wildlife viewing activities take you by floatplane or special bush-equipped wheelplane into remote locations for viewing grizzly and brown bears, caribou, waterfowl, eagles, and salmon.

  • Flightseeing by floatplane takes you over Alaska’s most scenic landscape
    and into various remote lakes for exploring, hiking, and photography. Destinations include glacial fed mountainous lakes, tundra lakes, and Dick Proenneke’s cabin on Twin Lakes.

  • Fly-out fishing packages offer access to spectacular catch-and release fishing,
    ideal for spinning gear or fly fishing.

  • Camping and hiking are great ways to see Alaska’s outback with or without a guide.

Alaska Fishing and Adventure Lodge - Redoubt Mountain Lodge

For some of Alaska’s best bear viewing—surrounded by rustic wilderness and comforted by luxurious accommodations—tiny Redoubt Bay Lodge makes for one of Alaska’s greatest indulgences. Just getting here is an adventure, a 50-minute floatplane ride from Anchorage, with scenic views of Cook Inlet along the way. Once here, you’ll be ready to go out looking for bears, returning home to extremely attentive service, gourmet cuisine, and just three cabins, all surrounded by a chain of lakes. The lodge’s hosts, Carl and Kirsten Dixon, have created a rustic yet upscale approach to wilderness accommodations, both here and at their sister property, Winterlake Lodge. They’re true Alaskans who have homeschooled their children and created this family-run business—and their love of nature, food, and people comes through clearly. When your floatplane sets down, you’ll be greeted by a carefully trained staff, and the extremely personal service continues throughout your stay. The Dixons have an ability to recruit some of Alaska’s best staffers, each of whom have their own specialty to share, whether about flowers, photography, or how to cast a fly-rod.

Bear Valley Lodge located in Southeast Alaska, 100 air miles from Ketchikan, Alaska.

Bear Valley Lodge is located in the Tongass National Forest, the largest national forest in the country. It is also part of the largest temperate Rainforest in the world. Hemlock, spruce, and cedar stand tall above a dense undergrowth of berry bushes and wildflowers. This rich plant life provides abundant habitat for the Alaskan wildlife you want to see! Observe black bears as they prowl the beaches and streams for lunch. Humans aren’t the only ones after the salmon! Bear Valley Lodge is an excellent place for birding. Bald eagles are as plentiful as crows!


Crazy Bear Lodge is located near Nikiski, Alaska, about 165 scenic miles from Anchorage and a short drive up the coast from the city of Kenai. Here is where your Alaska Adventure begins. Possibly the most consistent place to view brown bears in the wild is Wolverine Creek. This is definitely our most popular full-day fly out adventure. Wolverine Creek is a popular destination for bear viewing and fishing located just minute across Cook Inlet from Crazy Bear Lodge.

Homer Alaska's Tutka Bay Wilderness Lodge. Seaside lodging near Homer, Alaska in a 4 star remote wilderness lodge. Deluxe accommodations, seafood dining, kayaking, fishing, bear viewing, helicopter tours, wildlife tours, eco tours, hiking on private nature trails.

Venture into bear country to experience one of our most precious treasures, the Alaskan Brown Bear. The emphasis is on respectful, low impact viewing allowing you to observe normal bear behavior in their habitat. Possible destinations include Brook’s Falls in Katmai National Park and Preserve with uniformed rangers, easy walking paths, viewing platforms and restroom facilities. Or you may go to more remote spots where moderate hiking and sitting quietly for long stretches is part of the experience. The destination depends on where bears are finding food. Costs vary according to flight time and destination.

halibut and salmon fishing in Homer Alaska, king salmon fishing in the Kenai River and fly in fishing to Lake Illiamna

Brown Bear Viewing: We have a variety of brown bear photography programs. These tours include the coastal areas of the Katmai and Lake Clark National Park regions as well as the infamous Brooks Falls. Expect spectacular wilderness scenery while bear viewing. Transportation is via floatplane and or Cessna 206 with beach landing in the coastal areas. Trip destinations will vary depending on the bear migrations. We do have several options that include a day of fishing while enjoying the company of the brown bears as they also fish. Overnight trips at wilderness camps and lodges are available to those wishing to extend this adventure. These trips are to sensitive areas and are limited to small groups of 4 to 8 people.

“Alaska’s Best Wilderness Lodge”
~ Alaska’s Best Places, Outside Magazine, Harper’s Hideaway Report
Bear viewing, fishing and much more!

The Farm Lodge is located in beautiful southwest Alaska near the headquarters of Lake Clark National Park in Port Alsworth. Bear viewing, caribou viewing, photography workshops, sightseeing and wildlife viewing, flightseeing and catch-and-release fishing are some of the many activities we offer to help you experience our part of Alaska. Homesteaded in the early 40s by Leon Alsworth, Port Alsworth is now the location for the Lake Clark National Park headquarters and The Farm Lodge. The Farm Lodge provides comfortable accommodations with running water, private baths, and excellent Alaskan meals for a variety of tastes. Our packages are designed for small groups and provide you with a personalized experience.

Ron Fay's Moose Creek Lodge

If you have ever dreamed of viewing wild Alaska Brown Bears in their natural habitat, then this trip is for you. Along with brown bears, you will have the opportunity to view Moose, Black Bear, and Bald Eagles. The scenery is breathtaking, with fantastic views of snowcapped mountains. Our bear viewing trips are fully guided from comfortable 16′ boats. Your professional guide will select an area where he is able to safely position your boat to within yards of these magnificent creatures.

Of all Alaska’s wonders, perhaps none will stamp your memory more deeply than photographing and viewing these magnificent animals. Our Remote Bear Viewing Camp, situated on the edge of Lake Clark National Park, at the foot of Mount Iliamna, will quite simply take your breath away.

Alaska’s Horn Mountain Wilderness Lodge promises to give visitors the opportunity to share in the serenity of Alaska’s freedom and tranquility where mountains are nameless and valleys are un-peopled and still; to experience the wonder of the wilderness; to truly discover the enchantment of the Last Frontier. For the Alaskan visitor who wants something different! An opportunity for bear watching, halibut and salmon fishing, great clamming, wildlife viewing and photography, and more from one lodge right in the middle of it all.

Welcome to The Grizzly Sanctuary. We specialize in small group photo safaris for viewing the large coastal brown bears along the coastline of Alaska’s Katmai National Park and Preserve. The Katmai National Park has the highest concentration of brown bears in the world. Hunting is prohibited in the park and the natural balance of nature still remains evident here. Grizzly bears are numerous and wildlife is prolific. There are many large grizzly bears here and it is not uncommon to see 30-40 bears per day. The magic and mystery of this land remains unspoiled as it has for thousands of years.

Rainbow Bend Lodges

Enjoy a 20 minute flight from Rainbow Bend to Brooks Camp.  This day trip is approximately 8-10 hours filled with spectacular bear and other wildlife viewing opportunities. There are also numerous sport fishing opportunities for Rainbows, Sockeye and Silver Salmon. This unique experience requires some advance planning; and we would like to help you arrange your Katmai adventure!

Kodiak Treks

Kodiak Treks offers small group, low-impact bear viewing excursions and world-class adventure from our wilderness lodge, located in the heart of the Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. For nature enthusiasts looking to experience wild Alaska with a knowledgeable, local guide, our program is designed to make you feel comfortable in bear country as we share our knowledge of Kodiak brown bears’ life cycle and habitat. One of the few programs in Alaska to offer overnight excursions into bear country, we practice ‘leave no trace’ ethics on all of our trips. We view non-habituated bear populations and recommend a 3-5 day stay to minimize impact on bears and maximize your Alaskan experience. Offering multiple activities from the lodge, it’s easy to enjoy the best Alaska has to offer from one convenient location. Harry Dodge has been hiking and guiding through Kodiak bear country for 30 years. Respected locally as a leader in the field, he is a trained biologist, wildlife advocate, and author, who never tires of introducing guests from around the world to magnificent Kodiak Island and the awesome Kodiak bear. ***Be prepared for the adventure of a lifetime!***

On our Alaska Cruises through the beautiful waters of Alaska’s inside passage you’ll catch Salmon, Halibut and Crab, walk in magical rain forests, visit Sea Lion Rookeries, watch Brown Bears feeding on spawning Salmon, spend time with the graceful Humpback Whale, watch Eagles soar and glaciers calve and return home with a better understanding of the world we share. Our Alaska Cruises will provide memories that will last a lifetime. With our years of experience we will take you to the out of the way places few people ever see. Our Alaska Cruises are designed for all ages and abilities and for those people who would really like to experience “Alaska up close and personal”.

Munsey’s Bear Camp

Munsey’s Bear Camp has been in business since 1956,  specializing in Kodiak bear viewing, wildlife viewing and sportfishing from our remote lodge in Uyak Bay on Kodiak Island, Alaska.  Our comfortable lodge, located in the heart of Kodiak Bear country features cabins with private baths, hot/cold running water, showers, and bed linens.   We keep our groups small, taking a maximum of six guests at one time.  After a hearty, home cooked breakfast you’ll board our 47′ charter boat, “M/V Sunrise” with your hosts, Mike & Robin Munsey, for a day of adventure.  Depending on our guests’ interests, we may spend the day on a salmon stream watching the magnificent Kodiak Bears chase and devour salmon right in front of us, we may try our luck at catching a giant halibut from the deck of the “Sunrise”, or we may go ashore to a remote stream to fish for salmon and Dolly Varden.  If you desire, we will also spend at least a half day of your stay whale watching and cruising the bay looking at deer, foxes, seals,  sea otters, bald eagles, puffins and many more of the more than two-hundred species of birds that inhabit the Kodiak archipelago.

WOLVES and BEARS are without a doubt fascinating animals that attract peoples interest more than any other wildlife in the Yellowstone ecosystem. Mysterious, charismatic, wild and powerful – they stir our imagination, interest and passion. Travelers from all over the world come to Yellowstone hoping to catch a glimpse of a wolf pack, a grizzly bear with her cubs, or a foraging black bear. We can provide those once-in-a-lifetime experiences! Yellowstone Safari Company is the leader in guided wildlife viewing tours that focuses on these animals during specific times of the year. Our experienced biologist guides facilitate exciting viewing opportunities while providing professional background information. Our success rate in viewing bears and wolves has been outstanding over the years.